Big News

Summer is finally here… mid September, well at least it’s trying to give us a few warmer days. September brings with it a new start, a new school year for kids, new seasons for team sports and here at Apex, new classes. We have so many new things happening I couldn’t fit it all into one Facebook post. Before I get into all that is new, I just want to reassure everyone that the classes we had before are not changing. Patrick’s Zumba class is still Monday night on the main floor, the Karate classes are still taking place on Wednesday and Friday, Stacey is here with Cardio Combat on Thursday night and Sunday morning and Mariska will continue offering Yoga on Friday night and Tuesday morning.  Now onto the New! Monday night sees a Bootcamp with Max in the basement, and Kung Fu taking place on the main floor after Zumba. Tuesday we have Tae Kwon Do on the main floor, Wednesday is Tae Kwon Do on the main floor and Maxes Bootcamp downstairs  before the Karate class, Thursday Kung Fu comes in after Stacy’s Cardio Combat,  and Friday has Tae Kwon Do in before Karate.  We also have Boxing with Matt, the OPEN HOUSE this past Monday was so much fun,  we decided to offer a second trial class, Today September 23 at 11 am, come in and try it out.  That is the bulk of our evening classes with more on the way, but we’re going to keep those ones a mystery for a little longer.

Our morning classes are, as always Monday to Thursday 8:30-9:30, and include Piloxing with Lori on Monday, Natasha is here on Tuesday with a fantastic new class NewBodyArt, Teresa dances it out with Zumba on Wednesday and Lori mixes it up on Thursday with a class that offers a different twist each week.  Friday there is a stretching and flexibility class at 9 am, it is slower paced but just as beneficial as the cardio classes.

We are planning on bringing back the kids bootcamp classes in October, 2 groups, 6-9 age group and 10-13 watch for more information on those.

One other new event that we are trying is aimed at small business owners, a networking event, a circuit class where everyone gets to talk about their business and make new connections while working out, which many entrepreneurs don’t find time to do on a regular basis. Business & Barbells is open to any small business owner, Sundays at 6pm. Bring your business cards, workout clothes and a water bottle, the cost is 5$ for Apex members and 10$ for non members.

If you have questions about any of the classes we’re excited to tell you more about them.


**Some of our evening classes are not included with the membership but the instructors have special prices for Apex members.