About Apex Gym

Apex Gym is a people’s gym. After working out here, you’ll feel pumped you’ll feel energised, but most of all you’ll feel welcomed.

We’ve created a friendly helpful atmosphere that keeps our members motivated.

We are a growing gym with high hopes. We reinvest every dime into the equipment and in our facilities. Our goal is to expand what we can offer you.

We’re living our dreams so come live yours


Apex Gym has 14000 sq. feet over three floors.

  • Our trainer offices and changing rooms are on the second floor.
  • The main gym and class space are on the main floor.
  • The basement is under development.

The gym is subdivided with different types of equipment, ranging from machines to free weights and cardiovascular equipment. We also have unique equipment such as tractor tires, combat ropes, kegs, bands, hockey nets and let’s not forget a ping pong table.


Upcoming Improvements

We are always trying to improve the gym. Here are some of our upcoming improvements.

  • Bigger and better bathrooms with showers.
  • New floor surfaces to the basement.
  • New equipment